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Masquerade Istanbul

Masquerade Istanbul brings a new breath to istanbul with unprecedented nightlife entertainment concept. it brings world-renowned artists and djs to turkey and sets the standards for the entertainment again.

Masquerade Istanbul offering high-level special services where the music meets the dance, where the legendary atmosphere glows through the wonderful nights and the elite guests of Masquerade Istanbul will have a nightclub experience. majority guests of Masquerade Istanbul consisting of respected names from the community in turkey and abroad like senior corporate executives, successful artists and members of the sports community. Masquerade Istanbul, the leading club of istanbul nightlife, hosts an average of 3000- 4000 guests per week except for special events and organizations. Masquerade Istanbul is setting up a whole new world for its guests with the performance and show team, special architecture, acrobats and dancers, “state-of-the-art” sound & lighting system and special dj booth. all of our guests will have unforgettable moments and save many beautiful moments with Masquerade Istanbul’s original entertainment sense and superior services. apart from the general program, Masquerade Istanbul is able to offer large company meals, afterwork parties, product launches that can be arranged day and night. the foundation hosts events that is organized around the world for major entertainment organizations , for association and vip tourist groups.