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Masquerade Club a wide world of entertainment Istanbul, one of the landmark cities of the world, and Masquerade Club, one of the landmark places in Istanbul.

With its unusual performances, select music and unique architecture, Masquerade Club brings together the nightlife with entertainers. Pioneering a distinctive perspective in the entertainment world with its luxurious offerings, unique understanding of entertainment and outstanding service quality, Masquerade Club makes its guests enjoy fabulous nights.

Experienced operator Tarkan Ahmet has performed numerous successful projects in entertainment arena. Famous operator Tarkan Ahmet has now achieved to be heard even in Europe not contenting with merely making Masquerade Club one of the leading venues in the entertainment world of Istanbul with his highly professional crew. Awarded by World's Finest Club as the best venue for many times, World's Finest Club has been proven as a select and exquisite night club.
Bringing numerous domestic and foreign DJs and artists to our country, hosting a number of giant events and accomplishing numerous successful projects throughout the country, the Bedroom Project is now elevating the entertainment level at Masquerade Club with the events performed with participation of a number of world-famous artists and DJs.

Each corner of Masquerade Club is another design.

With a capacity of 2000 persons, it combines luxury, magnificence, freedom and comfort. When it comes to entertainment, Masquerade Club presents a glorious ambiance with sophisticated and unusual performances and concept nights different from each other. Starting off with the best DJs of R&B at Thursday nights pushes the limits of entertainment accompanied by hit music Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday awaits you with classic r&b on the bed nights when Turkish and world-famous names perform. You may encounter surprises at any time even during other days of the week at Masquerade Club. You can enjoy live performances by leading artists of Turkey.

Making difference with its dance shows, the rails on the ceiling of Masquerade Club take the sultans of the dance all round the venue offering a unique visual experience for you.

At Masquerade Club, you can enjoy an audio-visual show with its state-of-the-art sound and light systems. With the LED display feeling the rhythm of the music, DJ box is dazzling.

The great crew members preparing Masquerade Club to become the biggest and most excellent one in Europe and moving the brand to a number of select point of entertainment say, “Masquerade ClubIstanbul is a place to live in and not a place to talk about with its architecture, service, music shows and more”.


Yıldız Posta Street 34349 Gayrettepe,Istanbul


Tel : +90(212) 347 1347


Gsm : +90(533) 027 03 87